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The Beauty of Tucson, Arizona

Growing up in Tucson, Arizona I have always had a hard time believing that it was a beautiful place to live. But this mindset changed when I started getting into photography.

I had numerous photo assignments in high school that required me to continuously capture images that I believe would be great for my "end of the year portfolio." This is when I would take millions (or more realistically, hundreds) of photographs that were of cacti, Arizona mountains, and sunsets. It was not until I started capturing these images that I believed my hometown was beautiful.

I learned that the best way to capture its beauty was through my camera lens.

When taking photographs of Tucson, I found the most aesthetically pleasing images produced were those of close-up shots.

I focus on capturing its captivating imagery with minimal distractions in each photo. Getting up close and personal allows me to do just that.

I place myself about one or two feet away, and use my Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens to zoom into the subject as much as possible.

I find that capturing sole objects are what makes Tucson as a whole beautiful - little cacti, native birds, or their beautiful sunsets.

Next time you are out photographing parts of your hometown, focus on the little things that make it unique and beautiful to you.

Happy photographing!

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